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Port Morseby

Honouring the military roles played by Papuan, New Guinean and Australian soldiers from 1940 to 1975

Formed in 2007 in order to continue the activities of the earlier “PNG Battalions Assoc.” and its then disbanded successor the “PIR Assoc. of Australia”, the PIB NGIB HQ PIR Assoc. aims to promote the cooperative and heroic work carried out by soldiers in the defence of Papua New Guinea from 1940 to the present.

World War II Regimental Details
An explanation of the acronyms PIB, PIR and NGIB

Activities of the Association:

Publishing of Newsletters
Attendance at Commemorative Services
ANZAC Day Annual Meetings
Cooperation with other World War II associations.
Active networking by Email with those involved in the wider perspective of PNG military service.
Overseeing the issue of the PNGDF Anniversary Medal 1940-1990. to members in Australia

Future activities may include recruiting Papua New Guinean soldiers into the Assn; and assisting with education or leadership projects in the PNG military community.

The Membership of the Association:

Currently, the membership of the Association comprises Australia’s returned soldiers from the PIB and NGIB together with members of their families. In addition, there are a substantial number of former soldiers of the post-War period who served either in the PIR (Taurama & Moem Barracks) or in its associated elements at Headquarters (Murray Barracks), Recruit Training (Goldie River), or Officer Training (Igam Barracks).
This Assn is actively seeking new Members to help maintain our objectives.

Contacts for our Association:

For further information on the association and it’s activities please go to the menu tags Membership or Contact Us.